The mystery behind why consuming cannabis products turns your eyes red can finally be answered. In this article, you’ll learn why smoking marijuana can make your eyes bloodshot, what makes it glassy and red, can edibles make your eyes red, how long do bloodshot eyes last, do red eyes affect your vision and how to get rid of red eyes.

Why Does Smoking Weed Make Your Eyes Red?

Most people assume that the smoke in the air causes the eyes to get irritated and itchy when smoking marijuana. However, the real cause for red eyes is after the consumption of cannabis, which occurs by blood pressure in your body decreasing.

As a result, THC lowers your internal eye blood pressure and causes veins and vessels to enlarge. This process enables the bloodstream to increase flow and gives little veins more room to expand, resulting in bloodshot eyes. Therefore, consuming any form of cannabis will make your eyes red even if you don’t smoke it.

Girl With Red Eyes Smoking a Blunt

What Makes Your Eyes Glassy And Red?

Many factors come in to play when determining what makes your eyes red and glassy. The most crucial variable to take into account is the amount of THC consumed. If you ingested a high THC content, this could be a key reason why your eyes stay red for longer.

Another factor that can affect your eyes is the amount of time spent surrounded by the cannabis smoke. To prevent this from being a reason for your red eyes, try to be aware of the location you indulge in weed. If you don’t want your eyes to be red, smoke outside or in an open area.

Lastly, to help prevent your eyes from turning red as a tomato, be conscious of not letting smoke enter your eyes. Letting smoke blow in your eye will certainly make your eyes red, so don’t let it happen.

Glassy and red eye comparison

Can Edibles Make Your Eyes Red?

Like smoking marijuana, the consumption of edibles also causes redness around eyes to occur, all depending on how much THC you have consumed. Therefore it is not the smoke in your eyes that causes this to happen. With that said, edibles also contain the compound THC, which lowers your blood pressure all over your body.

Your eyes have capillaries, and they are the smallest of veins in your body that are visible under a microscope. Since they are so tiny, once expanded, it is noticeable to anybody that your eyes are red.

edible and joint in hands

How Long Does It Take Until Your Eyes Turn Bloodshot?

After consuming cannabis, about 30-90 minutes later, your eyes will look bloodshot. It may peak after two to three hours and can also between four to twelve hours, depending on the amount of THC you consumed.

Bloodshot eyes time lapse

How Long Do Bloodshot Eyes Last?

Based on how high your tolerance is and how your body reacts to marijuana in your system, it may determine the duration of your eyes being red. However, the average pothead may have red eyes for up to 8 hours.

red eyes compared to normal eyes

Do Red Eyes Affect Your Vision?

Some individuals can undergo more severe symptoms than others. Although having red eyes can affect your vision, to a certain degree. Those who consume high amounts of THC can experience more vibrant colored lights with sharp twinkles surrounding the edges.

Additionally, cannabis is well known for making your eyes smaller. Also known as stoner eyes. These stoner eyes can result in a shorter field of vision (FOV) and cause the consumer to become impaired visually.

Optical Exam

Two Ways To Get Rid Of Red Eyes

To neutralize your red eyes. These are the two most effective methods. 

1. Eye Drops

Stoners can be known to carry a bottle of Visine or eye drops with them to suppress those bloodshot eyes. This method works the fastest and most efficient. However, relying on the eye drops can make your eyes redder than ever before whenever you don’t use them.

2. Cold Water

Using cold water, gently rinse your eyes for 1-2 minutes. If you’re uncomfortable with touching your eyes directly. You can also soak a face cloth in cold water and place it on your face for 5-10 minutes. Upon doing this, the blood vessels in your eye will begin to shrink. Resulting in normal white-colored eyes.

Red Eye drops

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