How to store weed?

Nowadays, with all the new developments in the weed market, most cannabis products come in great packaging. Although some flowers contain harvest dates on packaging, it is difficult to know the expiration date most of the time. Moreover, the way you store weed is critical in increasing the shelf life. This article will discuss the factors affecting weed life and recommend some ways to increase it.

4 Factors Affecting Weed Life:

The golden rule is to keep cannabis in a cool and dark location at all times. The amount of dryness, darkness, and coolness, on the other hand, is critical to success. Let’s look at the factors that have the most significant impact on your flower: humidity, temperature, air, and light.


Humidity is one of the essential factors affecting weed shelf life. Relative humidity between 53% and 65% is recommended. Any amount more than this may cause mold and degrade your flower, while any amount lower than that will result in dry weed. So, the bottom line is to store at the proper humidity without letting weed dry out or grow mold. There are specific humidity packs that you can place next to your cannabis products to adjust the humidity.


Temperature is one of the most critical things in storing and maintaining everything, so if you want to store weed properly you need to consider temperature too. Weed dries out when the temperature is too hot, and it freezes and loses its quality if it is too low. You should keep weed in a cool place but protect it from freezing too. Freezing affects the weed’s texture and trichomes adversely. So place your weed in a cool cabinet and not in the fridge.


Air is one of the elements that can accelerate the drying process. Whether you are a regular weed consumer or a patient, exposure to oxygen can degrade the weed you are consuming. If your cannabis product has extra exposure to air, it can lose its potency. Therefore, store your weed in airtight containers.


The cannabis plant needs sunlight in different stages while growing. However, once it is harvested, the UV rays can damage it faster than anything else. You need to save your flowers from direct light. Therefore, you’d better keep your weed in a dark place, such as a cabinet, or keep it in an opaque container.

What Is the Best Container to Store Weed?

Glass. Glass is the best container to store your weed in if you use it correctly. There are some other popular containers for keeping weed, such as:

Glass Mason Jars:

Glass Mason jars are the best containers to store weed. They have a metal lid that fixes the jar and prevents air exposure. On top of that, the glass doesn’t affect the aroma and taste of weed and saves most of the trichomes on the flower. For excellent weed storage, keep the jar in a dark and cool place.

Tight Sealing Plastic Bags:

Tight sealing plastic bags are a great option if you want to temporarily keep your weed, for example, taking some with you when you are going somewhere. However, if you plan to leave the flowers on paper without putting them in a container, you can use them for consistent storage. If you push the air out and keep them in a dry, dark place, these plastic bags can make your weed last longer. However, the plastic may affect the scent and potency of the weed after a while.

Titanium Jars:

When it comes to storing weed, using metal containers is the last option everyone thinks about. However, titanium jars are the second-best containers to store weed after glass containers. Despite other metals, they won’t affect the scent and taste.

Wooden Containers:

Wooden containers are not recommended much but if you store weed using them is better than leaving weed on the table as it will be vulnerable to air exposure. Wooden containers affect the aroma and taste of the weed. On top of that, you may have to use a supplementary humidity pack.

Storing Other Cannabis Products:

To store other cannabis products such as infused food or beverage, freeze the frozen ones. Read the ingredients on the product and if it includes a perishable component such as an egg, keep it in the fridge. For other edible products, such as gummies that usually come in special packages, keep the packages in cool, dry, and dark places for longer life.

Bottom Line: There are four factors to keep in mind for keeping weed fresh for long: reduce air exposure, reduce humidity, eliminate light, and adjust the temperature. Store your flower in glass mason jars and put them in a dark and cool place for longer shelf life

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