Learn how to roll a joint in under 2 minutes with 5 easy steps

Are you looking for easy and quick tips on how to roll a joint with weed? It’s easy! Follow our easy guide that helps teach you the skill of rolling joints in under 2 minutes. Become a veteran professional and impress your friends with our easy step-by-step instructions. Facebook Twitter Pinterest

Weed inside grinder

Step 1: Bust & Grind The Bud

First, remove any stems and unwanted leaves from your marijuana buds. Next, separate the unwanted branches and leaves, then place your weed inside a grinder and start grinding up your product.

  • DON’T HAVE A GRINDER? Any pair of scissors will work fine to shred the flower*
Joint filter

Step 2: Create a Joint Filter

Use any type of thick paper and create a filter. Cardboard paper from a business card, cigarette package, or paper packaging will work just fine. Select the filter paper of choice and start rolling it into a cylinder cone shape.

  • PRO TIP: keep the filter size according to the width of the joint.
Rolling Paper

Step 3: Load Product Into Rolling Paper

Load your joint by distributing your shredded weed on top of the rolling paper. Next, pack the product down until it is firm and insert the joint filter you created onto the end of the rolling paper.

  • PRO TIP: *make sure the glue end of the paper is facing upwards towards you*
weed inside of a rolling paper with a filter | unrolled joint

Step 4: Begin Rolling & Shaping

To ensure a good looking rolled joint, start by shaping the weed together in a form similar to tobacco cigarettes. Afterwards, pinch both ends of the paper between your fingertips. Gently rolling the refined marijuana and packaging it down.

  • *Most marijuana joints take on the shape of a cone or in a straight line similar to a pre-filled cigarette*
2 pre rolled joints

Step 5: Lick it, Tuck it, Roll it!

Pay attention because this last how to roll a joint step is important! Tuck the rolling paper’s front end (side closest to you) between the weed and opposite paper side. Wedge both sides until they touch and begin to roll in an upward motion. Last, lick the glossy glue and start moving upwards until the adhesive glue touches another side of the paper.

  • *Pro Tip* Using a long and skinny object, pack both joint ends of any loose product and twist the ends to seal your joint.

Congratulations! Your Finished Completing a Rolled Joint in 2 Minutes

“Now, you have learned a new skill to roll joints. Recognize to master it, that practice makes perfect, and eventually, you can become a rolling expert.”

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